5 Black Friday Deals

I hate shopping. Some people love shopping. That’s cool. There is room for everybody in this big world. I’ve amassed here for your convenience a wonderful list of online art and literary deals to peruse from the comfort of your couch, plush blanket and expanse of belly full of starchy carbohydrates. (I just described myself in this very moment, in case you were wondering.) These are all people I’ve worked with, ordered from, and respect.  This is no list of mass marketed crapola. (When I try to type “crapola” my computer wants to make me say “carpool.” I refuse to do…

Brackish Volume 3

Straight out of Venice, California from Evan Hartzell, we have today a brand new issue of Brackish to love. Help yourself to Brackish Volume 3, and the art and words of Laura Alvarez, Paul O’Connor and more. Brackish Volume 3 is a trip to nature’s cathedral. It’s a moment of meditation. It’s a deep breath for your spirit.  Check it out and be amazed. https://evanhartzell.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/brackish-vol-3.pdf

A Great Yes: Brackish Vol. 2

I sat on a shiny orange bedspread in one of the cheapest motels in Santa Cruz and sent a poetry submission to the publisher and editor whose opinion I cared about most in the world.  This wasn’t a piece sent with the armored professionalism  of most of my literary submissions. This was a flinging of my work at the feet of someone I deeply admired, and who just happened to be sitting on an identical faux-Southwestern style bedspread in the room on the other side of the wall. Evan Hartzell is a Los Angeles-based artist and musician who publishes the art and literary…

Brackish Vol. 2

I may be prouder to be included in this art and poetry magazine than I have ever been of anything I’ve ever done in words. These are some of the best artists and poets I have ever met. To be in their divine company is a true honor. Please click on the title to explore. brackish vol. 2 Click here to learn more about artist Evan Hartzell. Click here to learn more about artist Laura Alvarez.