I Am Ultra Conservative

This morning at a stoplight I got caught behind a white truck with two stickers on the back window: T****. Make America Great Again. CONSERVATIVE. BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A FREELOADER. These stickers side by side were such an oxymoron, emphasis on moron, that I decided that I’m taking the word conservative back from the conservatives. I am so conservative, I am Ultra Conservative. My students know never to begin an essay with a dictionary definition in my class, but school is out for the summer so here are some meanings of my new favorite word “conservative”: holding to…

Brackish Volume 3

Straight out of Venice, California from Evan Hartzell, we have today a brand new issue of Brackish to love. Help yourself to Brackish Volume 3, and the art and words of Laura Alvarez, Paul O’Connor and more. Brackish Volume 3 is a trip to nature’s cathedral. It’s a moment of meditation. It’s a deep breath for your spirit.  Check it out and be amazed. https://evanhartzell.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/brackish-vol-3.pdf

A Great Yes: Heyday Books

On a winter morning in 2007, I kept my eye out for Smilodons, Dire Wolves and Short Faced Bears. I’d been living in the Sacramento Valley for two years. It was where my husband was settled in as a professor at the university, where we’d bought a home, where my children were in school. I was on Highway 80 through a place that during the Ice Age so brimmed with flora and fauna, (including oversized predators) that experts in the history of the land call the ancient valley the Serengeti of North America. The Serengeti of North America boasted marshlands, teeming birds, Elk, vicious predators…

Brackish Vol. 2

I may be prouder to be included in this art and poetry magazine than I have ever been of anything I’ve ever done in words. These are some of the best artists and poets I have ever met. To be in their divine company is a true honor. Please click on the title to explore. brackish vol. 2 Click here to learn more about artist Evan Hartzell. Click here to learn more about artist Laura Alvarez.