Praise for The Ghost Daughter

“I loved these tough, raw, and complicated women and read eagerly, carried along by the suspenseful unveiling of their shared history, and uplifted by the novel’s moving conclusion.”—— Books, Personally

“A remarkable and deftly crafted read from beginning to end, “The Ghost Daughter” showcases author Maureen O’Leary’s impressive flair for creating truly memorable characters and embed them in a riveting and complex storyline.”  — Midwest Book Review

“The west coast has always been the last best place, a region equal parts Eden and earthquake. In Maureen O’Leary’s hands, that landscape is charged with mystery, disaster, and a wealth of drama, all headed by a cast of irrepressible women. The Ghost Daughter is that rare and fabled beast: the literary page-turner.” —Christian Kiefer, Pushcart Prize winner, and author of Infinite Tides and The Animals

“Two parts thriller, one part meditation on the nature of love and motherhood, and one part poem, The Ghost Daughter combines masterful storytelling and artistic language to create a breathtaking work of literary suspense. Peopled with human monsters, mortal ghosts, and lost maidens, The Ghost Daughter plays out like a modern fairy tale, a linguistic aria written in praise of the power of reinvention, resurrection, and redemption. As eviscerating as it is lovely, The Ghost Daughter is not to be missed.”—Tawni Waters, Housatonic Book Award winner, author of Beauty of the Broken

“In The Ghost Daughter, O’Leary weaves through memory and loss (and thick golden strands of fairy tale) to invoke a world of mythology and monsters where, as it turns out, every player is only a person, flawed and damaged; ultimately hopeful. O’Leary’s writing glows.”-Tricia Stirling, author of When My Heart Was Wicked

“In The Ghost Daughter, Maureen O’Leary writes honestly and beautifully. Her characters come alive, and her wise and subtle insights on them—and on the human condition—will stay with the reader long after the last page of the novel.”—Jamie Kain, author of The Good Sister and Instructions for the End of the World
Urban Fantasy

Praise for The Arrow

Five Stars. “…a beautiful story… a breath of fresh air for a fantasy book… a strong opponent to any other urban fantasy out there right now…” -Self-Publishing Review

“Mythology, betrayal, corporate espionage, romance; all of this and more has been melded together flawlessly in this novel.”   –Red City Review

“The Arrow is a book that draws you in and makes you wish there was
more book to read once you’ve run out of pages. I will surely be keeping
an eye out for more from O’Leary.” —Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite

“The Arrow (Children of Brigid Trilogy Book 1) by Maureen O’Leary is a fascinating story that will take young readers on a trip of fantasy and adventure.”  — Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Five Stars. “Beautifully combining mythology, romance, and action, this story is fun to read even as it addresses some of the harder aspects of becoming an adult.” -Foreword Clarion Reviews

manly cover
Young Adult

Praise for How to Be Manly

“I have found a new hero in Matty Sullivan, and a new favorite writer in Maureen Wanket. How To Be Manly is more than a coming of age story–it’s a gritty quest full of heart. Buy two copies of this book–one to read and one to give to someone you love. I couldn’t put it down. Neither will you.”

–Jodi Angel, author of You Only Get Letters From Jail (Tin House Books, 2013)

“How to be Manly is an amazing book, and I absolutely love it. It’s smart and funny and Matt Sullivan is a wonderful character—totally believable and indelibly likeable. I would and will recommend it to anyone.”

–Tricia Stirling, When My Heart Was Wicked (Scholastic Press, coming 2015)

“Readers of all ages will laugh and cry as Matt Sullivan learns How To Be Manly. Maureen O’Leary Wanket has written a beautiful and engaging first novel.”

–Vanessa Diffenbaugh, author of The Language of Flowers (Ballantine Books, 2011)