Reviews for The Arrow (Urban Fantasy)

arrownew2_(1) (1)The Arrow is an urban fantasy from Geminid Press about the modern incarnation of an ancient goddess wrestling with destiny and the rock star god and half demon surfer who love her.  A powerful young healer, Fynn Kildare, discovers that a pharmaceutical company’s greed threatens humanity and the Divine. To stop it, she must embrace her family’s heroic past and become the Arrow. Available now.

Praise for The Arrow

Five Stars. “…a beautiful story… a breath of fresh air for a fantasy book… a strong opponent to any other urban fantasy out there right now…” -Self-Publishing Review

“Mythology, betrayal, corporate espionage, romance; all of this and more has been melded together flawlessly in this novel.”   –Red City Review

“The Arrow is a book that draws you in and makes you wish there was
more book to read once you’ve run out of pages. I will surely be keeping
an eye out for more from O’Leary.” —Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite

“The Arrow (Children of Brigid Trilogy Book 1) by Maureen O’Leary is a fascinating story that will take young readers on a trip of fantasy and adventure.”  — Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Five Stars. “Beautifully combining mythology, romance, and action, this story is fun to read even as it addresses some of the harder aspects of becoming an adult.” -Foreword Clarion Reviews

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