1. Raymond S Kraft

    Just saw a story about you in the Bee, an old copy lying around, a couple of days ago, just read “Earthmaker,” I like it, a lot. I’m a truck driver now, but I’ve been writing stuff off and on almost as long as I can remember. I’ll leave a short poem, hope the blog program doesn’t compress it.

    Windward of the ridges
    where the gold
    summer grass flows
    westering to the sea
    and swallows swirl
    in the insect-laden evening
    hear, remember,
    bewildered red-chested
    Santa Gertrudis steers
    bawling out the timeless
    litanies of cattle, horse, and rider
    the contented snorting
    of cutting horses sensing
    their dusty work well done
    the chingling of tarnished
    spurs and lyric cursing
    of the wind burnt men
    lightly riding their own legends
    into the sunset.

    The Wind Burnt Men
    Ray Kraft


    1. “Spurs and lyric cursing/of the wind burnt men”

      Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this here.


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