Remember Savasana

Today is a Sunday with no plans. Nowhere to be. At some point I’ll need to venture to the grocery store for lunch fixin’s for the week. That will take maybe thirty minutes. I did a little laundry. Made eggs for my daughter and her friend. Straightened up a bit. Putzed. Now I’ll write a few letters. Read. Think about things. Wander into the backyard and marvel at the plants and trees. My sweetheart is a good gardener. Two of my favorite TV characters when I was little were Farmer Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo and the Professor from Gilligan’s Island….

Do Yoga

Back when I was finding myself paralyzed in chairs at work, my yoga teacher friends begged me to try a class. They saw I was suffering. They promised yoga would help if only I would give it a chance. I couldn’t do yoga, I said, because I am a hyperactive person and yoga would make me scream. Also, yoga gave me headaches. Also, I couldn’t afford classes. Also, I didn’t want to. At my unhealthiest point, I visited my friend Laura who has been an accidental guru for me since I was seventeen. I magically do whatever she says. Laura said go to…