Remember Savasana

Today is a Sunday with no plans. Nowhere to be. At some point I’ll need to venture to the grocery store for lunch fixin’s for the week. That will take maybe thirty minutes. I did a little laundry. Made eggs for my daughter and her friend. Straightened up a bit. Putzed. Now I’ll write a few letters. Read. Think about things. Wander into the backyard and marvel at the plants and trees. My sweetheart is a good gardener. Two of my favorite TV characters when I was little were Farmer Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo and the Professor from Gilligan’s Island….

Goddess University: Furiosa

Okay, so Furiosa isn’t a goddess, she’s a character in Mad Max: Fury Road. She doesn’t even have magical powers or supernatural forces of any kind. She looks like Charlize Theron, so she has that going for her, but being beautiful is not exactly an asset in her world. I read Cindy Fazzi’s film review of Mad Max: Fury Road that touches on the feminist themes at work in this film. In fact, I read the review on the way home from seeing the film and it was such a joy to see that someone else understood the same things I…


On the way to the gym this morning, I heard this story on NPR  in which Eric Weiner reported that Moleskine’s business is booming, and research shows that  all the cool kids write in notebooks now. I was fascinated but also horrified by this story. Listening to an interview with a guy who revealed that he wrote in notebooks like it was a new idea made me feel  sort of the way I did when the lady who wrote Freedom Writers came to town and everyone at the school where I worked got very excited about her revolutionary teaching technique of having her students write in journals.  My…

Goddess University: Kuan Yin

I know when I need a dose of goddess Kuan Yin when I start daydreaming about sleeping. Forget the fantasy worlds and story ideas that normally occupy my mind; when I’m truly stressed, I fantasize about nothing more than just being allowed to drop out of my life for days and sleep. When my life of full time teaching, grad school, and writing become less like surfing and more like surviving a tsunami, then Kuan Yin is always there to remind me to calm down. Kuan Yin is an east Asian goddess of mercy and peace. I love that word, mercy. When I…

Brackish Vol. 2

I may be prouder to be included in this art and poetry magazine than I have ever been of anything I’ve ever done in words. These are some of the best artists and poets I have ever met. To be in their divine company is a true honor. Please click on the title to explore. brackish vol. 2 Click here to learn more about artist Evan Hartzell. Click here to learn more about artist Laura Alvarez.