Books I’ve Read in 2018

I meant to read fifty books this year but I only made it to forty-six whole ones. I don’t finish books I don’t enjoy, and except for one by a dead author that I had to read for work, I enjoyed every single one on this list in varying degrees enough to not throw across the room. (Just kidding I would never throw a book except that I have thrown a book and I will throw a book again if one makes me mad enough.) Back to my 2018 reading, listed here in the order in which I read them….

Stranger Things and Honor Among Women

If you have not yet seen Stranger Things, stop reading right now. I’m about to spoil everything. I loved Stranger Things so much I watched the whole thing in one enraptured ten hour moment. Then I watched it again last week with my twelve-year-old daughter because I wanted to share it with her. There’s an awesome girl in it, I said. She saves the day, I said. I still love the show. The acting, the winks to the eighties, the music, Winona, those gorgeous children, the idiot Steve Harrington’s hairdo. What’s not to love? Well, there is no honor between…

Remember Savasana

Today is a Sunday with no plans. Nowhere to be. At some point I’ll need to venture to the grocery store for lunch fixin’s for the week. That will take maybe thirty minutes. I did a little laundry. Made eggs for my daughter and her friend. Straightened up a bit. Putzed. Now I’ll write a few letters. Read. Think about things. Wander into the backyard and marvel at the plants and trees. My sweetheart is a good gardener. Two of my favorite TV characters when I was little were Farmer Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo and the Professor from Gilligan’s Island….

She’s On To Us (For my students)

She’s On To Us (for my students) “She’s on to us.” The classroom of high schoolers shifted uneasily in their seats. Not enough so you would notice, or anyone would notice just casually walking by the open classroom door. In fact, anyone walking by would think Mrs. Wanket was a teacher who knew her stuff better than most. She wasn’t exciting exactly, but she didn’t put you to sleep instantly. The students were amused by her daily attempts to make learning fun. It wasn’t always fun but the attempts were amusing. This was a teacher who read stories aloud in funny accents…

Rereading Season

It was actually not a million degrees today. Perhaps fall has decided to blow in after all. For me, fall is the season for rereading novels I’ve loved. For a lady whose To Be Read pile is as tall as mine, it may seem like I don’t have time to go over old territory. But I can’t resist. Besides, as a writer these novels (among  so many others) have specific lessons to teach me that are refreshed as I reread. Here are a few of my frequent rereads as the days grow shorter: White Oleander and Paint it Black by…