About Me

Maureen O’Leary is a writer and teacher living in Sacramento. She holds an MFA in fiction from Ashland University and is represented by Cassie Mannes Murray of Triangle House Literary. 

The Last Bookstore event with K-Blamo for The Ghost Daughter (Summer 2017)

Photo Credit: Evan Hartzell


  1. I only just this moment met you, but i love you with the white hot heat of a thousand suns. call me.


  2. Shannon Mooney

    Mrs. Wanket,
    I read your blog post on facebook. And then I matched up your picture to CB’s directory and realize you are the same teacher my son Nick Mooney said would write him a college recommendation even though he transfered to another school this year. When I asked him, “Which teacher at CB will write you a recommendation since teachers at Del Oro don’t really know you all that well?” Of course as I write that, I realize it is probably not true given Nick’s talkative, loud, attention demanding personality. But without hesitation, he said “Wanket – she likes me. She is awesome!” I know why the boys on the football team must have chosen you to be on the field with them. Like him they probably felt you connected with them. You connected with my boy and he loved your class. Anyone who can see the potential and smarts in my social, talkative 17 year old AND handle him in a classroom setting is nothing short of a saint.

    P.S. Nick was accepted at College of Idaho last week and got a letter of intent from the baseball coach!! Thank you for writing him a recommendation!!

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    1. Nick was a great student and a wonderful writer. It was an honor to be his teacher. Thank you for the wonderful comments, and tell Nick congratulations for me.


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