Divided We Stand

My daughter and I were in the Barnes and Noble last night buying surfing girl magazines before our movie. By the register a white woman kind of strolled around, talking to her friend in a loud voice all about how illegal immigrants losing their kids at the border get what they deserve when they break the law.

“Let’s get away from that Trump supporter so I don’t have to listen to that bullshit.” (That was me. Loud voice.)

I have no illusions I changed her mind. She was pretty secure in her fascist point of view. Many of my fellow Americans are.

I’ve lost the love of friends and family members over the past few years as a direct result of my loud voice. Back Lives Matter? Our president is a fascist narcissist monster and his supporters, including the 53% of white women who voted for him, are responsible for what happens next? Those aren’t things polite white women say in polite white society. Nobody who supports what is happening to children at our southern border is going to change their minds, so why talk about it?

My statements, after all, are so divisive. We are all Americans. We should find common ground.

I’m done finding common ground with T**** supporters. The nicest thing anyone can say about our country is that it is divided. Hell yes I divide myself from that cruel and obnoxious woman at the bookstore last night. She’s so stupid it hurts to think about her. I am divided from every Republican standing and clapping for the president, and from the ones cowering in a corner and secretly clapping for the president, complaining that liberals are mean and intolerant of other points of view.

I do not tolerate a point of view that twists facts, insists on willful ignorance, and defends separating families at the border. I used to pride myself on respecting all points of view. That was a mistake. I take responsibility for my own part in allowing T**** supporters to be comfortable in my presence. That won’t happen again.

We must divide from the current administration. We must stop seeking common ground with fascists and their supporters. We cannot afford to be so naive. We cannot be the proverbial frogs in slowly boiling water. The water is boiling. It’s been boiling. These are not normal times. Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had to leave her dinner on the table at a Mexican restaurant last night because protestors raised their voices and made it impossible for her to stay. I want a part of that action.

There is no possible moral common ground with this current administration and their supporters. They’ve lost every claim to human decency.

I will pray for that unhappy weirdo in the bookstore, but I will divide from her hate and I will work every day to help break her hold on my country.



  1. Oh Maureen! You give me the hope to know that there are many who do not support this administration and the people who agree with their policies.
    Thank You Sister!! I too will work to break the hold these people have on our country!


    1. I love you so much. It’s an honor to be in this with you.


  2. Applauding you loudly here from Australia.

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  3. I love it. So FN what? Be loud! Why should be be complicit by our silence. It’s not in you and not in me either. Your daughter is learning from the best! Hugs my friend.

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