The Best Advice I Ever Heard

  1. Watch where you are going so that you won’t fall down. (My husband)
  2. You should stop dyeing your hair. (Also my husband)
  3. Do yoga. (Laura)
  4. Don’t say what you are supposed to say. (Evan)
  5. Never date a married man. (My dad)
  6. It’s better to be alone than surrounded by assholes. (Also my dad)
  7. Whenever your professor suggests getting naked, say no. (Again, my dad)
  8. Never enter into a financial arrangement with a man you aren’t married to. (Dad.)
  9. Iron your shirts for work. (My mom)
  10. Write what you know. (Also my mom)
  11. Don’t watch Gilligan’s Island. It’s too stupid to watch. (Mom.)
  12. Be pushy if you have to in order to get what you want. (Dad.)
  13. Always bake with real butter and cane sugar. (Mom)
  14. If a student’s parent is angry, seek first to understand then to be understood. (A nun whose name I forget but who changed my work life forever with that gem.)
  15. If a student’s parent is angry, wait twenty-four hours before meeting with her. (Sister Marilyn, my first boss.)
  16. Keep your classroom neat and clean at all times. (Also Sister Marilyn.)
  17. Two cookies are enough. (Mom.)
  18. Try to talk with a deeper voice, (Jolene, my singing teacher.)
  19. Don’t try to be like other teachers. Find your own way. (Bernard, former student.)
  20. Never be ashamed of falling. If you fall it means you are trying as hard as you can. (Aggie, my dancing teacher.)


Watch where you are going and don’t be afraid to fall.


  1. Lovelovelove this! Especially about your hair… it’s stunning! What good advice from your mom and dad… and Sister Marilyn!

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  2. Wish I’d taken some of this advice to heart when I was young. Now I’m so wise, I never make misteaks.

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  3. Advice to Parents: Be careful what advice you give your children because they will remember it.

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    1. That’s good advice, Mom.


  4. I don’t remember saying most of what you have quoted me in your blog. Is that a surprise?

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    1. Haha! Thanks for reading, Dad.


  5. Marcus Salm

    I think of my life as student, teacher, preacher and parent and I think these offerings are really great! Now my next plan is to not follow any advice but live forever — so far so good!!

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  6. I think you will!


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