After the MLK March, January 2018: Dear White People

I wanted you to march for peace today.

If you had the day off, I wish you volunteered for the community today.

Our president said something awful today. Yesterday. The day before. Tomorrow. His words cause real damage. People are dying. So many of us voted him into office or at least we voted his enablers into office. So many of us turn a blind eye to what he’s already done, because we have to do our self care right now.

You are going to see yourself in this. It’s going to hurt your feelings. You’ll close this post and swear you’ll never read my stupid blog again. Maybe it wasn’t you who voted for him and what do I know anyway? I always think I know everything.

If you are still with me: To you Sacramentans who laughed at Ladybird’s reference about the stabbing at Sac High, and the second one after it, I hope you attended at least one of the three peace marches in Sacramento today. Or volunteered at one of the schools that invited community members to help plant trees in the ground. Or wrote a check to help a community organization, or the public library, or a women’s shelter.

It’s not too late if you haven’t. Tomorrow is another day. A new day.

I hope you are a teacher and you teach peace on purpose. I hope you are a parent and teach your kids not to hate. I hope you get it that you aren’t guilty, but you are responsible because we all are.

Maybe you feel that nothing you can do will be enough. I marched for peace, and now I’m writing this blog post, and tomorrow I’m teaching my lessons. My activism is tantamount to crying into the wind of a firestorm (maybe a literal one soon enough).

Yet crying into the hot wind is better than binging on Netflix and pretending the flames aren’t already consuming our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, in the schools, hospitals, and streets of our own cities, across the golden plains, from sea to shining sea.

Join me in this. Let’s make it rain.


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  1. Bravo, Maureen! Thanks for this, among the many, of your good posts. We need the reminders!

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