Opening Prayer Service 2017

There is a famous saying. You’ve heard it. It goes like this:

In life,

If you fail to plan,
Then you plan to fail.

Your teachers and your coaches and your parents know this is true. And so do you. To succeed, you first set goals, then plan specific steps to achieve them.

If you want to improve as an athlete, you don’t sit on the couch eating hot Cheetos all the time. You go to the gym, the track, the field, and the court. You lift. You train. You work. You stick to the plan.

If you want to improve as a student, you don’t sit on the couch eating hot Cheetos, celebrating being dumb. You read the assigned pages. You complete your math homework, and when you get confused, you find the teacher who can help you. That’s your plan. My best students usually have actual paper planners where they write these plans then they stick to the plans.

You are sitting here right now because of your plan. You achieved your goal of getting into CB in the first place, to pass your classes to make it here another year.

And I mean come on. You’re here, aren’t you? You got your butt out of bed this morning after ten weeks of sleeping in. You got dressed and you made it to school. If you think about it, you are a very successful person already, before the new school year has even really started.

Your focus and intention are so powerful that when you make a plan and follow through, you achieve your goals. You’ve already accomplished so much. I’m looking out at a sea of very successful and powerful people right now. You are leaders in this school and in this world. Every single one of you.

And the greatest thing about this moment is that we are here together. At the beginning. Ready to take our first steps into a school year where at this moment everything is possible. Every single one of us sitting here today has the possibility to be awesome this year at anything we plan to do.

But I don’t want to talk to you about sports plans today. I don’t even want to talk to you about school plans. This is church. We begin together in prayer and right now I want to talk to you about another kind of plan.

I want to draw your focus and intention to your plans for friendship and kindness.

What is your kindness plan this year? What are you going to do to every day around here to be an excellent friend to all?

You are all leaders in this school. You are all bridge builders. You all have the opportunity and the responsibility to extend a hand to someone who needs you every single day.

There is a lot of turmoil going on in our world right now. At Christian Brothers High School, we are a part of that world, and we have a chance to express Holy Spirit to one another in everything we do and say.

So what is your plan when you see someone is sad and needs a friend to talk to?

What are you going to do when you witness someone who is always sitting alone?

What’s the plan for when someone in your friend group makes a comment or joke or does something that is racist, or offensive to women or hurts or humiliates someone? What respectful but clear words are you going to use when you are faced with a chance to be a leader?

How are you going to be a leader for kindness and strength this year? What’s the plan? Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and we can’t afford to fail one another in kindness at this school. We are a Christian Brothers family, and we belong to one another no matter our backgrounds, our political beliefs, or anything else. We are Christian Brothers here. And we are strong. We are intelligent. We are successful. And we are kind.

So bow your heads with me as we pray together.

Let us remember. . . . .that we are in the Holy Presence of God.

You are a person of great dignity and worth
The world got better on the day of your birth

I’m telling you this today because somebody’s got to
Take the reins of this world away from the Nosferatus

You are a bridge builder and a leader — listen to my elocution
Feel it like electrocution
We are brothers and sisters and we are part of the solution
For the power of LOVE there is no substitution
I’m talking a kindness revolution

Because kindness is strong it’s the only bridge with tenacity
Jesus Christ is our Lord he’s the only guide with capacity
To fill us with the audacity
To act on truth and veracity.

We make a plan to be kind and we follow it with consistency
We use our power for good and I say this with insistency.

This isn’t the time for lying on the couch going from cheeto to cheeto
We have to be all in I don’t mean poquito poquito

Because my brothers and sisters, hate is a lie
We are warriors of love we are the new samurai

We build bridges to God when we show love It’s now or never

St. John Baptist De La Salle. . . . pray for us

Live Jesus in our hearts. . . . .Forever

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