A List of Hobbies I Gave Up When I Got Serious About Writing



Thai food cooking

Garage sales


Jewelry making

Watercolor painting

T-shirt painting

Apron painting

Hot gluing used coffee filters to the tops of glass jars and stamping them with Amish-style stamp designs

Just write.

Hot gluing cotton balls to the tops of glass jars and then gluing fabric over the cotton balls to make the lids puffy and then filling the jars with candy

Wreath-making from vines I cut from random bushes on the side of the road


Cutting hearts out of the pages of old books and Mod Podging them to glass jars and putting candles inside

Just write.

Mod Podging magazine pictures and pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe onto bathroom tiles from the hardware store and then shellacking the shit out of them

Just write.

Mod Podging bookish quotes onto pieces of construction paper and tying ribbons to the top to make bookmarks

That’s nice. Just write.

Hot gluing wooden buttons to construction paper and tying ribbons to the top to make bookmarks

Blowing the insides of my chickens’ eggs into bowls and painting the eggs with spiritual symbols i.e. the Eye of Horus, the Tree of Life, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have you lost your damn mind? Just write.

Finding sticks in my backyard and hot gluing them to jars and putting candles inside

Just write.

Gluing paper to empty boxes and filling them with homemade candy

Candy making (meringues, nut brittles, truffles, peanut butter chocolate balls)

Each one filled with home made candy. Just write.

Making sugar cookies from scratch, cutting them into the shapes of dozens of sharks and decorating them with peace signs and fancy sayings such as “bite me”

Christmas sharks are here. Just write.

Watching television

Bingeing on Netflix

Mod Podging pictures of jazz musicians and Frida Kahlo onto notebooks and covering them with packing tape to make journals

Like she wasted a single minute of art-making time with Mod Podge. Just write.

Cutting pictures of fashions I liked out of magazines and collecting them in binders organized by category

Making personalized decks of Guidance cards complete with little notebooks filled with hidden meanings

Mixing perfume and oils and food coloring into Epsom salts to make custom bath salts

Performing West African dance onstage at Fairy Tale Town

Proof if you think I’m lying.

I can’t get a single minute of writing time back from my hobby years. Some of those things I made were pretty and made nice gifts that maybe people even liked. During some of those years I was writing too, on the side, in between the minutes I spent being busy, so busy.

If we are serious about writing, we focus our precious time and energy to writing. If we aren’t serious, then we glue sticks to old Marinara sauce jars. One activity is not better than the other unless we are yearning to write and wielding a glue gun instead of words because we are afraid.

Put down the gun. Just write.


  1. The photos, the “just write”s, the hobbies put aside. Just wonderful, you writer, you!


    1. Thank you so much, beautiful writer friend. What an honor.


  2. Too funny! Though I’m kind of jealous because I have no creative talent when it comes to crafts, though I so love some of the ideas (especially the shellacking the hell out of the tiles). I might actually have to try that one the next time I’m stuck in my writing, lol. Take care, and write like crazy, okay?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, and back at you!!


  3. Luckily I was a receiver if manubof your pre-writing lovelies!! But I know how much you love writing, so I am ok with giving up my gifts for your gift of writing! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

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