The Ghost Daughter Wants To Come To Your Book Club

In an hour or so I’m attending my first book club for The Ghost Daughter. I love attending book clubs as an author. How To Be Manly got me invited to a couple.

It remains amazing that I write words and people read them. Someday I’ll get over myself and understand that people reading my books is what happens when I write them and find cool editors and publishers. Someday I’ll be used to it. Today is not that day.

Other invitations to appear at book clubs to answer questions about The Ghost Daughter are already rolling in. It’s all so much fun. Contact me on the website if you’re interested.

Here are some discussion questions that might help get the party started:

The Ghost Daughter Book Club Discussion


  1. Motherhood is a major theme in this novel. Can you think of ways motherhood changes women’s lives?


  1. Does fatherhood have an equal impact on men?


  1. Some characters end the story in the comfort of romantic relationships. How important is romantic love to finding fulfillment?


  1. Consider the male characters in the novel. What important roles do good men serve in the stories of women?


  1. In what ways can disappointing or violent men shape women’s view of themselves?


  1. Are there any personal stories stirred by The Ghost Daughter?


  1. Have you ever experienced an event that changed your life afterward?


  1. If you could ask the author one question, what would it be?


  1. In the Creekside sequence, Angel is paralyzed into inaction for a surprisingly long time. What other life events might present a major roadblock in a woman’s life and what might help her snap out of it?


  1. How might gender influence how a person deals with adversity?


  1. Do you think characters such as Teresa can still evoke sympathy in readers?


  1. How important is friendship and connection in surviving hard times? What are some ways women support and help one another?


If you live in or near Sacramento or the Bay Area, I’d love to visit your book club. If we are long distance friends, maybe we could set up a FaceTime or Skype visit. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Readers are wonderful.

The Ghost Daughter is available HERE.  I look forward to hearing from my readers!



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