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I’ve never hawked beauty products on my blog before. I’m only doing it now because if someone had shared this information with me when I first stopped dyeing my hair, I’d have saved a load of time and money.  I’ve learned a thing or two in my six years of gray hair and now I’m going to share my highly valuable beauty information with you.

First of all, now that I have gray hair, I can’t wear too much makeup or else I look like an exhausted extra on The Golden Girls. I used to love eyeshadow and all that stuff, but now, well. Here you go:

Too much makeup.

All I need is a berry lip color and maybe some shiny stuff so I look like a faery tale creature in a certain light. Physician’s Formula makes a nice concealer thing for when I’ve been out all night partying with rock stars and need a little something:

Physician’s Formula Nude Glow.    Kind of an awkward name, but it works really well.

Because I’m the cheapest woman in the world, I also like Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach. I get it at the Dollar Tree, I’m not even kidding. I don’t just like it because it bears the brand name of a Faerie Tale Creature either, although the glow it imparts upon my cheek is reminiscent of an elven princess.

What’s a shimmering facial whip?  Don’t be fooled by the name. It doesn’t hurt.

Okay, now hair. The trick is to maintain a balanced moisture/sparkle ratio. Brassiness and dullness and frizziness are all issues I must face. And conquer.


Every couple of days, it’s good to wash my hair with a purple shampoo. My goal is sparkling white snowy silver, sort of like a white witch with a box of Turkish Delight to ensnare you. L’OREAL EverPure is a good purple shampoo for the money.



Find at the Trader Joe

Jojoba oil and coconut oil are both great for combatting dryness. Coconut oil is a bit too heavy for my five strands, so I use jojoba instead. My trick is to once a week or so use oil as an all over as a leave-in conditioner before bed, and then the next morning wash out the oil with purple shampoo and use regular conditioner. Result: Soft hair.






My favorite deep conditioner is Aussie Three Minute Miracle. It just works and that’s cool.


Cheap as hell.

As a special occasion treatment to make my hair super smooth and shiny, I love John Frieda’s Luminous Glaze. I feel like a Charlie’s Angel when I use this product. So foxy. So ready to fight crime.

Not cheap, but very luminous

Another amazing leave-in conditioner that I enjoy is Jhirmack Miracle 5 in 1 Leave-in Spray.   It makes my hair soft and shiny. The smell is a little too perfumey for my perfect world, but the conditioner works just like it says it will, and how often does that happen?



Here are pictures of me so you can see the illustrious results of all of that fancy stuff:


Journal Topics: 

  1.  List the products you swear by. If any of them are cheap yet effective, please be kind enough to leave a note in the comments, because I love that kind of thing.
  2. What are the things you do for beauty? 
  3. Write about the person who said the thing that made you feel wonderful and beautiful and handsome.
  4. At what point in your life did you become comfortable with how you look? Are you there yet? What would it take to get there?


Judith in The Ghost Daughter has white hair. She’s also a former nun and badass surfer. Read more about her HERE.














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  1. Will keep this post in mind – in the process of graying right now. I tell my daughters that they are beautiful because what God designs is beautiful and what society sees as beautiful is fickle. I’m hoping to emulate that I am beautiful because I am God’s creature and that society’s fascination with youth in just a trend (although I must admit there are days when I harumph when I look in the mirror). Here’s to aging gracefully…

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