5 Weight Loss Rules I’m Glad I Followed

The before and after pictures I posted yesterday surprised me when I looked at them together. I’ve lost less than twenty pounds, but the difference in how I feel and look and feel about how I look is enormous.

I almost didn’t post those pics out of embarrassment. I did decide to post them because I wanted to be honest about the dramatic effect sugar has on my health. I wanted to be honest about myself.

The truth is, I was excited to be at Comic Con. But I was also exhausted. My clothes were uncomfortable. My skin was uncomfortable. The pics remind me of how much more at ease I feel just a little bit lighter. It is a good reminder.

Yesterday’s post was all about the weight loss rules I break. So in the interest of balance, here are 5 rules I do follow in my quest for improved health and fitness.

Rule #1: Drink lots of water.

I drink a little over a gallon of plain, flat water a day. Water is supposed to keep your internal organs and metabolism humming along so I’m all for it.

Not equivalent to 8 hours of sleep.

Rule #2: Get enough sleep.

I’m a 7-8 hour a night girl. I take a lot of naps too. Skimping on sleep stresses out my body and makes me hungry for those little white powdery donuts that come in packs of six at the 7-Eleven, not that I would know anything about them.

My view at 6 a.m.

Rule #3: Exercise in the morning.

I’m a working mother. The hours before everyone else wakes up are perfect for working out because there are no other priorities in that time frame except Pinterest. I get up early and  write, drink coffee, look at Pinterest, and go to the gym or run and do yoga. In that order. Starting off my day that way makes me love my life.

Rule #4: Keep a fitness journal.

Keeping track of food, water, and exercise is important because I always think I’m getting fatter when I am actually getting fitter. Writing things down gives me evidence that I am eating right, improving my fitness, and getting enough water. It’s not really about holding myself accountable. It’s about holding myself mindful.

Rule #5: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Staying fit is mostly about eating clean. Most of what I eat now is unprocessed. Every now and then I’ll give my body a break and just eat fruits and vegetables for a few days. I make sure every meal is based in at least two vegetables and fruits. My husband grows a magnificent organic garden in our backyard. It’s so good to pick a fig or peach or yellow tomato to eat right from the source. I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, but I eat a lot of plants.


Are there any rules you have invented or follow to stay healthy? Leave a comment!

Journal Topics:

  1. What health and fitness rules and advice was your mom really right about? Do you follow any of her rules even now?
  2. Imagine for a moment that you are your own kid. What would you tell yourself about the best way to take care of your physical health? What rules would you encourage yourself to follow?
  3. Are you someone who can be very self-directed when it comes to shifting habits or trying to achieve a difficult goal, or do you benefit from being held accountable by someone else? What kinds of rules are most likely to make you rebel?
  4. List the rules you live by on a daily basis. Are there standards you hold yourself to in fitness, health, work, relationships, parenting, home? What are they, and why are they important to you?


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