Last Wednesday as I stood at the white board in front of my classroom, one of my students called out a word.


And I said, “Does anybody know about the quake? Bullshit. You can’t get off until you make the house shake. Now everybody clap your hands.”

Crickets chirped. Students blinked, fixated on the naughty word I’d just said. Wondering had I lost my mind.

How could I explain? Prince’s lyrics are embedded in my neural pathways. They are in the tissues of my brain so deep that they have become a part of my DNA. So if you say to me question, I’m going to say to you does anybody know about the quake.


What was that.


Now everybody shut up. Listen to the band.






  1. Great post, Maureen. Still haven’t been able to listen to him. Not one song. Like it will break the spell and make it all real.

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    1. I meant to do a long post about the percussive power of his lyrics and this was all I could manage. I thought I could do it but can barely talk about him.


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