Catch the cool Q and A I did with the wonderful Catherine Warmerdam in the month’s issue of Sacramento Magazine. It was a fun conversation over tea on a blustery January day outside Tupelo in East Sacramento.

Ever since I first moved to Sacramento, I’ve perused the pages of Sacramento Magazine looking for mention of people I knew. I usually know at least one person per issue in the society pages or within the features. I’ve always considered knowing people in Sacramento Magazine a good sign that I was connected to my community.

Here’s the thing with Sacramento and me. This is where my family and I moved eleven years ago after Jim finished school. We bought a house here after over a decade of renting and moving around. We put roots down on purpose. We decided to live here and to live only here for a long time. Our daughters have grown up here.

Here is where our mammoth backyard tree slammed down on our roof in 2006. Here is where a head-on collision on Madison Avenue squished our car but not us. Here is where I worked with hundreds of students in three different schools, wonderful students. Students of my heart.

And here is where I found my first friends on Craigslist when a writer’s group advertised new openings, requiring writing samples to apply for admission. We met in Mulvaney’s before the restaurant opened, sampling appetizers while we sat around tables talking about our work.

This is when you know that something awesome is about to go down at Time Tested Books.

Here is where I met Vanessa, a friend with a gorgeous, important book about a troubled character aging out of the foster system. Here is also where I met Tricia. Tricia is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She’s a magical YA writer who I still get to be in group with, though I am such a fan of her work now I am hardly useful as a critique partner. Tricia, YA author great Jamie, and I continue to meet every few weeks to exchange pages.

Here is where I get to attend world-class literary events at Time Tested Books, Avid Reader at Tower, Now Hear This at Gold Lion Arts, and of course the amazing Sacramento Stories on Stage. Here is where the 916 Ink organization inspires and publishes young writers, bringing up a whole new generation of voices.

Here is pretty awesome.

Best library system ever.


I share a region with writers doing some of the best work in American literature today and I’m not kidding. I talk about a few of them in my interview, though there are so many more. You should read it. You should be reading them.

Here is where I peruse Sacramento Magazine while standing in line at Corti Brothers waiting to buy Italian herbed salt that you can’t really get anywhere else except Italy, and finding myself face to face with myself.

Well hello there, I say. I know her.

She’s from here.





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