If you don’t believe in magic, stop right here. This post will just annoy you.

Hello everyone. Let’s take a deep breath. We can speak easy now that the muggles have excused themselves.

This is a story about notebooks that make the impossible come true. You can buy one of these notebooks for yourself from any purveyor of notebooks. You’ll know when you find a magical one. You might already have one in your possession. Probably it’s the journal you’re already using.

Once in a magical notebook, I wrote that I would find for my family a specific kind of house with large yards in a specific neighborhood. Another time I wrote that I would land my ideal job. That I would publish my books. That I would win a literary prize. That I would meet my favorite singer. I didn’t know how any of it would happen. All of it happened.

Once in a magical notebook in the middle of winter, I wrote the words ladybug and sandhill crane. That night my little daughter pointed out a lone ladybug trundling across the fireplace stones. The next day, I went outside to investigate a terrible racket. A flock of sandhill cranes circled the sky above my house.

When I write intentions in my magical notebook, I know that they are already coming true. They are already manifested.

(If any muggles snuck through and are leaking steam through their ears with skepticism, maybe just consider for a moment that writing your secret desire down focuses your brain’s intelligence and power on that thing and on a conscious and subconscious level finds ways to solve the problem and make it happen. As for the ladybug and sandhill cranes, I have no idea how that happened. Magical notebook, I told you.)

Advice to myself: Imagine. Be fearless in my imagination. In my magical notebook, never reduce my expectations. Let my magical notebook be at least one place where money is no object, the sky is the limit, wild horses run free. Yes, wild horses. That’s right I said it.

Sandhill cranes. Pretty but noisy.

Journal ideas:

Write down ten things for which you are so happy and grateful and then follow that with ten more things for which you will be so happy and grateful when they manifest. The trick is to continue the second half of the list in the same past or present tense language as the first.  Also, to focus on the second half of the list with the same feelings of joy and gratitude that you did the first half. Every couple of weeks, look back on the list and check off the things that have manifested. Understand that everything else is already arrived, already revealing itself. Write a new list whenever you want.

What gave you joy to imagine as a child? What did you think you would be doing at the age where you are now? Do any of those childhood imaginings appeal to you now? What gives you the greatest joy to imagine now?

Write down a list of ten imaginings that seem minor but are fun (i.e., A lady bug, a sandhill crane, the perfect color blue, a gift card, a thank-you note. . . .). Keep your eyes open. Be on the lookout.





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