Avoid Complaint

Today, I complained at one point that it was still morning and not lunchtime. I complained about Loretto High School closing while I was still working there. (This was a sad event, and perhaps worthy of complaining about. Seven years ago.)

I complained about the requirement of having to stop at a stoplight on the way to my child’s dentist appointment. We had plenty of time. We got there early, in fact.

Right now I’m complaining about my complaining.

Language makes reality. Complaining does not reflect reality.

At the stoplight I was a woman in America with the means to take her child to a good dentist for a cleaning where it turned out she had no cavities.

It was sad that I lost my job lo those many years ago, but that was a long time ago and I really love the job I have now.

And sometimes it isn’t lunchtime yet. Sometimes it’s still morning. I don’t even know what to say about that.

How about if I went a whole day without complaining? I’m going to try it.

Advice to myself: Avoid complaining about being tired. For at least one whole day, avoid complaining about anything at all. Fully appreciate that I’m at this moment sitting in a heated house I own, wrapped in a seriously cozy blanket I’ve coined The Silver Queen, listening to my daughter practice violin, my belly full of chia seed smoothie. Soon I’ll make dinner that will be nutritious and hot for my healthy and peaceful family.

Reality rocks.

Photo by Margaret.

Journal Ideas:

Spend five minutes listing all of your complaints and pet peeves. Write about how you feel after focusing on this list. Now spend ten minutes listing all of large and small things, people, and events for which you are grateful. Force yourself to keep coming up with things for ten whole minutes. Do you feel differently than you did after the complaint list? 

Write down three or four complaints you have that you know are legitimate complaints (i.e. a health issue). Just for an imagination game, rewrite each complaint into a different story with a non-complaining spin. (Ex. Sugar is bad for me and I’m addicted to it and it’s sad.  I’m a generally healthy person with enough of a problem with sugar to avoid it altogether and this is a good thing because it has encouraged me to practice a much healthier diet.)







  1. “And sometimes it isn’t lunchtime yet. Sometimes it’s still morning. I don’t even know what to say about that.” that made me smile so much ha! Loved the post.


    1. Thank you so much for reading! Thank you.


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