Advice to myself: Meditate while the water for the coffee is boiling. Sit wrapped in a blanket, palms open, eyes closed.  Focus on the breath coming in and out of my nose.

Relax my face. Notice I’m thinking of marathon runners from Kenya who have relaxed faces even in the final miles. Wonder how they accomplish such mastery of the self. Let the runners go. Return to breath.

Notice I’m thinking of that thing that pisses me off. Return to breath.

Notice I’m thinking about Peaky Blinders. Let Alfie Solomon go, crazy as he is. Return to breath.

Notice I’m calmer now. Relax my face skin again. Think about my skin. Wish it was better skin. Let it go. Return to breath.

Because when I take just five to ten minutes a morning to meditate, I carve a moat between me and the world. When I have created this space, I’m able to be present in the moment and not, say, absent-mindedly packing a stick of butter for my lunch as I did once during one particularly stressful patch in my life, or falling down flat a lot as I did during another.

When I am present in the moment, I pay attention to what I’m doing. I choose my reactions. The moat gives me a time and space delay.

The kettle is whistling now.

Journal Ideas:

After meditating for five to ten minutes, reflect in your journal about how the session went. What challenges did you face? What pesky thoughts did you let go during the meditation? What good ideas did you let go during the meditation?

What is your intention for today? This week? This year? If you could narrow your intention to one phrase, or one word, what would it be?

List three core values you hold that inform your decisions, relationships and the way you take care of yourself. Why these three? What is the story behind these values for you? How would this answer have changed over the course of your life?




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