Avoid Sugar

News flash, I’m addicted to sugar. If you follow this blog you’ve heard me say it.

If sugar were drugs, I would not have a life. I would be dead in a gutter. The most days I’ve stayed sober in a row is thirty.

Sugar awakens in me a toxic hunger dragon that requires five times the calories my body needs to function. Sugar ravages my skin. It steals my energy. Sugar makes me feel so bad.

I’m not that crazy about food. I’m not a foodie. But enter sugar into my diet, and I can’t stop eating.

I’ve done bad things for a sugar fix. I ate my daughter’s Easter candy that she was saving. She had given up candy for Lent. We gave it up together. I caved and ate all of her Easter candy three weeks in. It was a shitty thing to do but I did it.

When I am off sugar, my body quickly settles into a comfortable equilibrium with food and rest and exercise. Apples taste like heaven. I don’t need to diet because I’m never hungry for more than enough  at meals. I actually eat meals, rather than grazing through my entire day like an animal.

When I’m off sugar, my skin clears, my wrinkles fade, my eyes brighten. Did you ever see The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers when Theoden the king of Rohan was under the spell of Wormtongue and he was all dry and glazed over? That’s me on sugar.

Me on sugar.

I’m not alone. I watched Katie Couric’s documentary Fed Up a few months ago, and learned everything I already knew about the toxicity of processed sugar in my body. I need to watch it again.

So at this writing I have been forty-eight hours without eating processed sugar. I already feel better. I am always just one day away from freedom. My advice to myself: Treat sugar as a toxin that will steal my health from me. It will steal my best self from me. Avoid sugar today. At least today.

Journal ideas:

What are your “soft” addictions? What do you get out of them? What price are you paying for what you get?  Is there another way to get a similar benefit without the sugar, or whatever yours are?

If you have “harder” addictions, write about those now. If you were to take the best possible care of yourself today, how would you begin to recover?

Make a list of all of the things you can eat that aren’t processed sugar. 

Make a schedule of great things that you are going to give yourself if you make it through ten days without sugar (or whatever it is for you). What about twenty days? A year? How can you reward yourself for staying on the wagon day after day?

Make a vow to avoid processed sugar for the rest of the month. At the end of January, write a journal entry comparing how you feel, how your clothes fit, and what your energy level is as compared to now. 




  1. Everything tastes more amazing without processed sugar, like you said. From my experience, after a couple weeks if you try the sugar it doesn’t taste good anymore.


    1. It’s pretty toxic. It’s not even about taste for me. It’s a chemical problem.72 hours now off.


  2. Great article, pretty much sums up why not to have sugar in your diet, yet it is so damn difficult to give up. Hope you are staying the course, the end result is worth is. Thanks for sharing


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