Coming Soon: 31 Days of Advice

Buy a notebook. They have college ruled composition notebooks on sale right now at Office Depot for 25 cents.  I’m talking twenty-five pennies for the best possible composition notebook experience money can buy.

You’ll need that notebook for the month of January when I will be embarking on a journey of 31 Days of Advice.  I’m going to be giving myself one life-improving, self-helping, health-bettering, inner peace-enhancing piece of advice a day every day in January. Along with these mini-bites of advice, I will be offering journal prompts in case anyone feels like listening in as I talk to myself and reflecting on my wise wisdom.

Why? Because I love January. I love resolutions, makeovers, self-care, daydreams, fantasies of grandeur, and the idea that if I just want something bad enough I can have it. I usually just do my own thing in my own notebook in January, but why do that when I can invite all of you and make it a party?

Buy a notebook. Join me in a self-help mosh pit of advice and journaling. It will be like a self-help seminar only guilt-free and fee-free, and you don’t even have to talk to anybody except yourself.  See you here tomorrow!


I’m talking college-ruled, baby. Skinny lines.


  1. I am ready! I bought a new notebook yesterday at Target. I thought if I bought a pretty one that I might write in it more often. It’s pretty.


  2. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just what I need.


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