5 Random Thoughts I Had When I Wrote THE ARROW (The Children of Brigid Trilogy, Book One)

Lake Tahoe at sunset.

I am surrounded by goddesses.

I hand wrote the first chapter while on a retreat with a group of twelfth grade girls from one of the schools where I used to work. These students were powerfully intelligent, capable, kind, and just so cool. The retreat center was on the banks of Lake Tahoe, a really gorgeous location. As the sun was setting the first night, I watched the water and snow-covered mountains turn pink then purple. I was surrounded by young women who were set to take over the world and make it a place that made more sense, despite all the craziness and violence going on. It felt like a tremendously magical moment. I opened my notebook and wrote an opening scene which ultimately became my urban fantasy The Arrow.


Terracotta relief of the Matres, from Bibracte, city of the Aedui in Gaul.


Women are most powerful in cooperation with other women.

The modern incarnation of the Goddess Brigid lives in three women simultaneously, not just one. I didn’t invent that mythology. The power  of three is a very, very old idea. Yet cooperation among women is a particularly powerful force, and I wanted to express that in an urban fantasy setting. When one of the three is harmed, the entire trinity is affected. Yet when everyone works together, they are terrifying in their power.



Surfing is awesome.

The modern incarnation of the Goddess is definitely a surfer. Someday I will live by the ocean again and spend every morning as Finn does, dodging sharks and communing with the sea.

For those who have read THE ARROW: Doesn’t Jason Mamoa look like Komo?


Some rock stars channel the Divine.

I’m not going to name names, but there are real life rock stars who sing the gods through their guitar strings. Wouldn’t it be cool if a rock star was actually the son of the god of madness? Just listening to him growl into a microphone would be as addictive as a faery drug. A relationship with him would border on obsession . . . .

Santa would have to be a fit man, if you think about it. I mean, he does all of that heavy lifting.

Santa is a badass.

Santa Claus, if he existed, would not be a fat man in a tacky red suit. He would be almost as old as time, speaking the tongue of a very old country. He would be strong and knowing, kind and fierce. He would have muscled arms, ice blue eyes, and skin tanned and leathery from the sun. He would have a stake in world affairs. He would care if we were headed for destruction. He would look to powerful women for guidance and hope.


THE ARROW is available for 99 cents right now on Amazon Kindle because every now and then you need urban fantasy about the modern incarnation of an ancient goddess,  and the rock star god and half-demon surfer biker that are both in love with her. It’s a ride. Climb on and let’s go.

Get lost on THE ARROW fantasy board on Pinterest.








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