5 Ways I Find Time to Read

1. Read what I want

Tell the inner smarty pants who is criticizing my book choice to go to hell. Dump books that aren’t capturing or inspiring me. I don’t have to give any book fifty pages before deciding whether or not to continue. Nobody has time for that. This isn’t dating. Books don’t have feelings.

2. Link the library with frozen yogurt

Commit to frozen yogurt on the way home from every trip to the library. This is especially effective in the summer. Start reading the best book while eating a chocolate vanilla swirl topped with mochi bits. Don’t drip on the pages. The librarian will charge me for that.

3. Turn off the screen for a half hour before bed

The light from my screen is no good for my sleep. Turn it off and read for a half hour or so before bed. I heard Bill Gates does this very thing and look how rich he is.

4. Attend literary events and meet authors

Writers are friendly. I always feel like if anyone had a reason to be too stuck up to talk to me, it would be the person who wrote the novel that just changed my life, but no. The writers who go to book readings, signings, workshops and panels like talking to readers. I’m working on being less of a groupie and more of a chill person when meeting my favorite authors, but it’s hard. I always end up smiling too much.

5. Stop making reading kale.

Studies show reading is good for me, increases my vocabulary, and makes me a more compassionate person. Kale is good for me too, but you don’t see me chewing that green rubber gum all day. I would if kale were tasty but it isn’t. I read because books are tasty. I love getting so into a story that the dishes pile up and my toenails get long because nothing else matters but turning the page. That’s the best, and feels nothing like something I’m supposed to be doing because it is good for me.

I am an uncool, oversmiley groupie of all of these authors.




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  1. You are so funny. It makes me happy.


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