Holiday Recovery in 5 Steps

1. Have a glass of water. Drink it all at once.  Fill up the glass. Drink that one too. Feel my internal organs say thank God she’s stopped eating for a second.

2.  Yoga. Go to a class. Or set my timer for twenty minutes and do ten sun salutations. If I don’t know what those are, look them up.  Then do a warrior pose, sit ups and happy baby. Try a few pushups and feel surprised by the ability to do them.  Or to even move at all.

3.  Meditate. Set my timer for five minutes and sit there with my eyes closed for the entire time. Have crazy thoughts. Have boring thoughts.  Let them go and watch them zoom away without me anyway. Thoughts don’t give a shit where they go, they really don’t. Concentrate on breathing.

4.  Go for a walk. Commit to down the street.  Make it all the way to the mailbox a half mile away. Jog a little.  Walk some more. Think about how loud leaf blowers are but keep in mind that I have no idea what it feels like to move leaves around for a living so make a mental note to stop glorifying rakes.


5. Have a piece of fruit. And another glass of water. Concentrate on breathing.

This glass of water just wants you to be happy.

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