5 Black Friday Deals

I hate shopping.

Some people love shopping. That’s cool. There is room for everybody in this big world.

I’ve amassed here for your convenience a wonderful list of online art and literary deals to peruse from the comfort of your couch, plush blanket and expanse of belly full of starchy carbohydrates. (I just described myself in this very moment, in case you were wondering.) These are all people I’ve worked with, ordered from, and respect.  This is no list of mass marketed crapola. (When I try to type “crapola” my computer wants to make me say “carpool.” I refuse to do it.)

  1. For the artist, art-lover, writer, musician, screenwriter, puppet-maker, dreamer, advertisement-loather or film-maker in your life:


Esopus Store

Esopus is an art and literary magazine which is awesome. There is no publication like Esopus. Every edition is shocking, original, thought-provoking. Its quality is unsurpassed. There are also never any advertisements anywhere in the whole thing ever.

It’s like getting a yearbook in the mail twice a year if the coolest people in the universe were in charge of the yearbook.

Esopus has a Holiday Specials deal going on through December 23, 2015 starting at $12.

2.  Gifts for the reader, present or former combat medic or soldier feminist, diner waitstaff, artist or writer:




Shade Mountain Press

There is something significantly badass about an individual deciding to build a publishing company out of thin air and within a short time building a list of unique and high quality work. Check out Shade Mountain’s list and see if there isn’t something there for the reader you know who would love to be the first to introduce her book club to a fresh new voice in literature.

(Side note: One of my stories is featured in Shade Mountain Press’ The Female Complaint: Tales of Unruly Women.  When I mentioned the fact to my American Lit class, one of my students asked if I was a “super feminist.” I was all, yeah I am, thank you for noticing.)

3.  Gifts for the designer, swimmer, urban dweller, art-lover, slightly gothic folks on your list:


Andrew Kjera

Bay Area artist Andrew Kiera’s website is where to shop for a gift for your friend who loves haunting urban landscapes and swimming pools. He has drawings, prints and sculpture for purchase the likes of which you will never find anywhere else. This is one of my favorite artists of all time, and he has a limited stock available right now. So don’t throw elbows or anything. It’s not necessary for anybody to get hurt in the rush.  Just get there before the selfish people do, that’s all I’m saying.


4.  For the drummer, guitarist, beachcomber, music-lover, and fine art collector in your friend circle:


Artist Evan Hartzell

Gorgeous, original prints are available on Venice-based artist and musician Evan Hartzell’s website.   I have the tote bag available on the Cafe Press link, and it’s my favorite for carrying books and notebooks. While you are there, check out the Evan Hartzell Trio  featuring Laura Alvarez and Samuel Dylan for some really fine poetic lyrics, and cool musical stylings with drum and guitar available now on iTunes.



5. For the steam punker, baseball fan, fisherman, golfer, chef, firefighter, archer, sports fan who is impossible to buy for:


Bella Mantra on Etsy

I happened upon this cool little company while searching for gifts related to my book The Arrow, and found perfect sterling silver tie clips that were just the right thing. The service and delivery is first rate, and the gifts come in little boxes tied up with ribbons that are almost too cool to give away. The shop is having a 20% off deal through November 30th.


I hope you have fun going through this mini-mall of greatness I just built for you. For someone who hates shopping, I sure had a lot of fun gathering this post together.  What are your favorite independent sites to buy from? Any hidden gems we need to know about? Please mention in the comments!


  1. The Female Complaint. I wants it.


    1. Thank you for being so supportive all the time! I am so fortunate to be in this art and literary community with you.


  2. You know I love this! xo


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