There Is No Such Thing as Writer’s Block

There is no such thing as writer’s block. You just don’t feel like writing. So don’t write. Why should you? Unless you are a student tasked with completing an assignment for a grade, there is no reason to write. Unless you are a worker who has to communicate to someone in a written fashion at your job, why write?

There is no reason to write. Unless there is a man or woman you love so much that your voice quits when you try to explain. Love letters are important.

So unless you are a student, a worker, or in love, then don’t write. For the love of God, why would you? There isn’t any money in it. Sometimes there is money in it.

And sometimes one of the best friends you’ve ever had is the girl you lived with in Porter College in 1988 and she lives far away so you’ve been writing letters for 27 years. Those letters are the truest things you ever say to anyone, but other than that, there is no reason.

FullSizeRender (5)
There is no rationale for all of these words.

If you can’t think of what to write then don’t write but don’t blame writer’s block. It isn’t writer’s block.

You just don’t feel like admitting that you hate how you look in pictures and as hard as you work to look nice in the morning, your face always disappears and your hair is always crazy.

You had a couple of messages back and forth in the past twenty-four hours with women who inspire you to be real and that sounds awful so there’s that reason right there to just shut up about it.

You also don’t feel like writing a cheerful post about the Law of Attraction working for you because you’re embarrassed for your intellectual and science friends to know you believe in stuff. Besides that, there are one or two key ways the Law of Attraction has been a very slow boat for you indeed and you really aren’t in the mood right now for anyone calling you on your bullshit. That’s not writer’s block that’s self-protection. Call it what it is.

What if a house builder said she had house builder’s block and couldn’t build your house? Or a teacher had teacher’s block? Then you wouldn’t have a house and you would be dumb. Nobody gets blocks except for writers because nobody cares if you write except you. So you might as well stop writing and start building a house. Do something useful at least.

Unless if you don’t write then the air outside being purple orange right now isn’t real and the ghosts you are sure exist in Sacramento (the most haunted town you’ve ever lived in) will leave, and the patterns you’re making in the sand with your finger will blow away and you will be lost.

So write then. So write.

My face though. Where does it go?

Maureen O’Leary Wanket is the author of How to Be Manly, The Arrow, and stories featured in Gold Man Review (Issue 5), Night Train Journal, and The Female Complaint.


  1. Aaaaagh! You wind me up and make me crazy… in a good way. In a totally good way!


  2. After all that, I’m not sure if I should write or just watch the purple orange sky while building a house. T’was an enjoyable read, though. 😉


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