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Two days left on this blog-a-day exercise for September. Stats say that people like it best when I talk about my hair. This is not a blog post about my hair, though a student I don’t even teach told me today he loved my hair and when I asked him if it was because it reminded him of his nana, he said no.  So that was nice.

Today I want to take a bow to other blogs I frequent. They don’t fit into any category. They are well written and I like them for different reasons. Maybe you will too, so you should check them out.

Laura Alvarez from Photo by Evan Hartzell.

Clothes Stories 

Writer and artist Laura Alvarez infuses each image-laden post with gorgeous fantasy rooted in real world outfits.  Her husband and son take many of the photos and they are incredible. For Laura, clothes are a way to express theme and emotion, place and intention. Every post is a treasure, with surprising insights into style, culture, literature, art, food, relationship, place. . . . I have found no other artist taking quite this individual and personal an approach to style. Laura Alvarez is a true original.

Photograph by Joe Birosak.

Tawni Waters 

Author and poet Tawni Waters’ blog is a must for anyone wild at heart. Her posts are highly personal and inspiring. Her YA novel Beauty of the Broken and poetry collection Siren Song are gathering well deserved acclaim, and it’s wonderful fun to follow Ms. Water’s adventures as she travels around the country doing everything from teaching, attending awards events in her honor, and grappling honestly with depression. This blog is a testament to one writer’s heartfelt enthusiasm for life, healing and love. Check it out.

Traci Lee. Former student. That’s right.

Notes from a Coffee Shop

I taught Traci Lee in a high school writing class and now she is taking over the world as a journalist at NBC News. Her blog is an often funny, often poignant exploration of what if feels to be in your early twenties in New York City. She writes honestly about experiences of prejudice she faces as an Asian woman, her journey as a writer, her thoughts on social media, and really whatever she wants. Everything she says is relevant and timely. She’s also the whole inspiration for the blog-a-day in September project I’m on, so blame her.

TRACT header 5

The Reader and the Chef

The blog of sisters Melissa and Flor is an indulgent treat for readers of romance and young adult  fiction. It is full of book reviews, recipes, author interviews, and other great features. My personal favorite is That’s What He Said Thursdays where they highlight romantic, swoon-worthy lines from romantic heroes of literature. Always upbeat and beautiful, check out this blog for what young adult novel to read next.


G.G. Andrew

The author of Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish runs a blog with a Writers Who Read feature which interviews various writers about the books that inspire them. She asks questions only a true reader would ask, including: What was your gateway book into the world of reading? What is your book kryptonite? The answers are always fascinating, and the series offers a keen look into independent authors and publishers. G.G. Andrew runs special features around the holidays too. This blog is a daily visit for me, and if you are a reader or a writer I suggest a look around.


Renegade Mothering 

When writer, mother, all-around badass Janelle Hanchett writes her book, I will toss elbows to be in the front of the line at the bookstore signing. This woman is a brilliant genius of mothering, cultural and political commentary, addiction recovery literature and memoir. Do not miss her hilarious walk through the Target toy department, nor her heartbreaking encounter with a non-recovering alcoholic in line at a liquor store. The full range of the human experience is in this blog. Read Janelle to feel less alone in a chaotic universe. I will read every word she ever writes about anything ever. Do I sound like a fan? If you are a parent a writer, and artist, a carer of anything at all, tune in to Renegade Mothering and tell me that is not some wonderful writing. That is all.

Maureen O’Leary Wanket is the author of How to Be Manly and The Arrow.


  1. I’m thrilled to be on this list. Thank you!!


  2. Thanks for listing some interesting blogs, can’t wait to check them out 🙂


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