Friday Free Topic: Thank You for Everything

My usual gratitude lists are reserved for things I feel actual gratitude for. This week I’ve been saying thank you for everything. Because when you’re having dinner at someone’s house and she serves brussels sprouts or whatever, you don’t go, “Oh my God. Craptastic.” No, you say, “Thank you.”  You express gratitude as a form of good manners and also because you understand that it is a privilege to be at the table in the first place.

So I say thank you for

  1. My anger management problem
  2. The way even one piece of candy awakens a hunger dragon inside of my stomach than no amount of food can sate, so therefore I must abstain from all sugar unless I want to not fit into my clothes even though donuts are delicious.
  3. My feelings of frustration when I work hard on something and things still don’t always go my way.
  4. The extraordinary betrayal of my teeth, though they have been much better lately.
  5. The way every moment I’ve ever experienced is broadcast across my skin in all manner of breakouts, flushing, flaking, wrinkling, sagging and peeling, though yoga is helping with it these days.
  6. The excellent Got Muscle Health Club I belong to where the people are incredibly friendly and supportive even at five-thirty in the morning. It’s the only gym I’ve ever belonged to where the owner cares more about you after you pay the money than before. It’s been a perfect place for me to stay healthy and blow off steam (see #1).
  7. My job that lets me be a good teacher and a good mother as well as a writer. The work/life balance is possible in the right workplace.
  8. My husband and daughters are healthy and happy. I must never forget that gift of good health.
  9. The good fortune I’ve had with editors of my fiction. I’ll have to devote a future blog post to the glory of an insightful, skilled editor. I bow down to my editors.
  10. The invitations I’ve received lately to speak in public which is one of my favorite things to do. It’s always a surprise, and always a delight. Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

What would be on your Thank You for Everything list? I would love to know.



  1. Interesting post, Maureen! There seems to always be great debate amongst friends on what we should be or not be grateful for. Some say everything, but there is also good reason for selectivity.


    1. Notice I said expressing gratitude, not pretending to feel it. And I would never say thank you for a tragic death, for example. But I would say thank you for my rage at having a loved one taken from me. This week I’ve found value in acknowledging my so-called negative feelings and struggles as well as the places where I have found joy and ease. It’s been a way of grounding and being present. Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for clarifying, Maureen. “So I say thank you for: 1. My anger management problem” was the headline phrase. But agree with your reply, acknowledgement is correct. Have a good weekend!


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