Poem: Past Life

This is my past life

This is the time you burned ruined cities in the fire with our daughters

This was when the oldest one started drinking coffee

This was when the youngest one sang along to everything

This was the time when we got parking at the brewery

When I saw my friend

When our old dream house was overgrown

When the sun broke through the fog

Our old real house was tiny

Our old dreams so simple

Just this

Just this.

Remember that time just now

When I ate two s’mores

And said I wouldn’t take an organ now if I was dying

You wondered if I meant anything

That was the day our friend had a baby

The subtext was

I didn’t want anything more than what I had

That was the year I was forty-five

The year I became myself

The year the Warriors won the finals

That was when we watched the sun set on Agate Beach

When we had fire, water, air and earth

When we had sticks to make cities and a full gas tank and money

Just this.

Patricks's Point State Park http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=417
Patricks’s Point State Park

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