Goddess University: Gemma Teller

If you have not yet watched the F/X series Sons of Anarchy all the way through to the last, then stop reading this post. SPOILER ALERT. The entire thing is on Netflix right now. Watch it. Return in a week.

Gemma Teller is the matriarch of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle “club”, the mother of the main character Jax. She resembles the Hindu goddess Kali in her destructive power. Also like Kali, she means to destroy only harmful people, yet ends up destroying much more.

Katey Sagal, real-life wife of the series creator and writer Kurt Sutter, plays Gemma Teller. Momentary fangirl spiral: Kurt Sutter is a storytelling genius, and Katey Sagal is a perfect conduit for Gemma.

While a character on a cable television show is not an actual ancient goddess, there are valuable lessons to learn from her mythology. The trick is focusing her power better than she does as a character. You don’t want to end up killing the relationships (or, you know, people) that are on your side.

Conjure your inner Gemma Teller when:

*   Someone messes with your kid. Shut that shit down immediately. Put a fork in it, as it    were.  I’m not advocating murder. There are many legal ways to do this. But there is something proactive about being so scary that people are afraid of being mean to your kid because they don’t want to cross you.

*   Someone encroaches on your romantic territory. There are boundaries, and you expect people to respect them or else get a skateboard to the face (metaphorically) (or whatever).

* Someone honks a car horn at you. On a few occasions, Gemma Teller reacts in a disproportionate manner to everyday rudeness.  Of course threatening murder or pulling a gun could land you in trouble with the police and nobody has time for that. But a direct approach to passive aggressive bullying is effective in, again, shutting that shit down.

The goddess Gemma Teller says to you: Do not take any crap. You are a queen of your own queendom. What’s done is done. You can’t go back, so don’t spend time worrying about the past. Don’t sit around complaining. Do something about it.

Strength is the only option.

Look damn good while you rule your world.

Katey Sagal is perfect as Gemma Teller in Sons of Anarchy which is the best show on television.

THE ARROW has strong women in it. Nobody gets a fork in the head, though, and I think the story is the poorer for it.


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