7 Habits of Highly Effective Urban Fantasy Heroes and Heroines

If one of my favorite Urban Fantasy protagonists wrote a self-help book, that would be awesome.  There is nothing I face in my daily life that an Urban Fantasy heroine doesn’t have to deal with on a much more horrifying scale.  The advice she would have would be so helpful in facing the pitfalls of everyday business, romance, and life.

A self-help book written by a character who has to save the world from paranormal evil all while balancing a troublesome cross-species attraction to a paranormal hottie who may or may not be plotting to kill her couldn’t be anything but amazing.

For example, in an Urban Fantasy, it is important to maintain the following habits:

Prepare for the Worst

In an Urban Fantasy, anything can and will happen. Be ready for anything from an attack from a demon to a worldwide viral apocalypse.  Stock up on supplies, be aware of all the exits, and always wear shoes you can either kick demon butt or run in.

Stay Fit

Urban Fantasy protags can’t afford to be  couch potatoes. A daily regimen of push ups, sit ups, kickboxing, acrobatics, archery, karate and sprints will keep you in fighting shape.  You just never know what is going to happen, and besides that it’s important to look good in case you meet a cross species paranormal hottie.

Trust Carefully

Enemies can sometimes appear as friends, and will do a lot of damage before revealing their true nature.  Be careful about exposing your weaknesses too soon in any relationship. Your trust should be earned, and even then keep your eyes open. You never know when your best friend might reveal herself as a member of an evil coven with designs on your rock star god boyfriend.

Do Your Homework

In any aspect of life, it’s important to know what you are up against.  An Urban Fantasy heroine would do well to study up on folklore, myth and demonology in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of her opponents as well as her friends. Doing your homework to find out as much background information as you can about any new endeavor will give you the same advantage.

Hone Your Skills

Most Urban Fantasy protags have a supernatural power or two, such as superhuman strength or the ability to shape shift.  Whatever the skill, it’s a great idea to practice. Maybe you can’t read people’s minds, but there are plenty of things you can do. Practice your skills because you never know when someone will need an expert on whatever it is you can do. Then you’ll be the hero.

Recognize Your Magical Helpers

Never underestimate the magical helper. A magical helper has the perfect tool or piece of information at just the right time to help the Urban Fantasy protag save the day. In normal life, we are so often conditioned to be self-sufficient that we neglect to accept help when it is offered. This is a mistake. Think of the people offering assistance as necessary to your journey towards success. Without them, the demon hordes could take over the city. Don’t be a martyr. Accept help.

Do the Thing Nobody Else Will

Sometimes the key to being the hero is just being willing to do the thing no one else wants to do. So the job of shutting down the viral apocalypse falls to you. So did the evil witch management, Hydravirus healings, and demon wrestling. Somebody had to do it, and it may as well have been you. Maybe in the normal world there is a big spider on the ceiling, a report that needs to be written, or a difficult person who needs to be spoken with. If there is an odious task that nobody else will touch, step up and get it done. At least then you’ll know it will be done right.

After all, you are the hero or heroine of your own story.

In Foreword Review’s IndieFab Best Fantasy Novel of the Year Award Finalist THE ARROW, brilliant young researcher Fynn Kildare is a modern incarnation of an ancient goddess facing some truly evil corporate greed, an obsessed billionaire, and her attraction to a rock star god as well as a half-demon surfing biker who was bred to kill her. She has a lot on her plate. The goddess struggle is real.


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