Goddess University: Kali

You might think you would never want to meet Kali in a dark alley. Or in a lit hallway, for that matter. She has four arms, a demon’s head in one hand, a sword in another, and she is powerful beyond measure.

Kali also has what might seem on the surface an anger management problem. Kali is a Hindu goddess known as the Dark Mother. The story goes that in a battle against evil, she began savagely destroying everything. Her son lay down before her to stop her, and she stuck out her tongue and stepped on him before quitting her rampage.


Yet despite her devastating power and scary human head necklace, Kali’s influence can be as healthy to your life as a natural fire is to the ecology of a forest. Evoke Kali when you find yourself in a hurtful relationship, toxic job, or bad habit. Need a new crowd? Unleash Kali on the haters that are bringing you down. Be like Kali and cut them loose.

Experience the presence of Kali in your life in the song on your playlist that makes you run an extra mile. Kali will help you do a clutter clearing of your space so major that you have to take three loads of stuff to the Goodwill. Kali is there in the news of a job opening that will allow you to tell a toxic boss goodbye forever. She is there to help you find the courage you didn’t know you had to break off a rotten friendship where you always end up hurt.

Kali doesn’t do anything halfway. Kali says to you, new growth is impossible when your energy is wasted on people, places, things and habits that do not deserve you. Kali says, take no prisoners. You don’t have time for prisoners. You do have the power to get rid of what doesn’t serve you, to make way for what does. Kali asks, what are you waiting for?

Click on the cover to meet another goddess who goes ham on evil forces. No human head necklaces required.

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