Goddess University: Artemis

My favorite story about Artemis is the one about the time she stood at the gates of a city of unjust men, wielded her bow, and killed every one of them with a single arrow.  By the time that arrow was done, Artemis created one big men kebab. I don’t know what the unjust men did to deserve such an end, but Artemis knew.  The arrow knew.

If you’re an unjust man, you might want to start running.

Artemis is one of three Greek virgin goddesses, daughter of Zeus, sister of Apollo. Artemis is the goddess of the moon, silver, young women, childbirth, and the hunt. The Roman called her Diana. You may detect the presence of Artemis in your world when you find silver coins, meet with the aid of helpful young women, or receive the benefits of an excellent decision you made in the past.

Call on Artemis when you need clear direction in an important decision. Artemis says to go for your internal truth, your gut instinct.  Artemis says, you already know the answer, deep down. Trust yourself. Your aim is true. Pull back the bow and let the arrow fly.

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arrownew2_(1) (1)

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