Around the Web: 7 Real-Life Paranormal Activities

Exploring the world of the paranormal does not have to be confined to reading Urban Paranormal Fantasy.  If plain old reality gets a little too plain, one of the following real-life paranormal activities are available right now.

International Divine Energy Channeling: If you are feeling  low, consider attending a talk by Michelle Carter, International Divine Energy Channel. She will help you direct your energy in positive, and healing ways. She will help you release negative energy fields and welcome more love into your life.

Ufology Research: It is possible through the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science to get an advanced degree in Ufology and Abduction Research. You knew all along you were right to believe.

Spirit Channeling: There are individuals who when they open their mouths to speak have no idea what will come out because they channel non-physical entities who have a message for us here on Earth. An example of such an entity is Lazaris, a “Spark of Love” who has been channeling through a fellow name Jach Pursel since 1974.

Goddess Card Reading:  Tap into divine goddess wisdom anytime, anywhere with a set of your very own Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.     They are simpler to use than Tarot, and  provide an insightful way to learn about goddesses across several different cultural mythologies.

Tarot of the Celtic Fairies Deck: While more complex than goddess cards, the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies     offers in-depth insight into whatever questions you may be facing, as well as a thorough education into Irish faeries, which everyone knows are the best kind.

Daily Horoscopes: There are fewer more thorough horoscope sites on the web than   If you don’t like what your astrological sign’s news is for the day, just look up your numerology, Mayan sign, daily Tarot reading and Chinese horoscope. Surely you will find a favorable reading in there somewhere.

Psychic Fairs: Somewhere near you there is most likely a psychic fair happening, probably this weekend. At a psychic fair, if you have plenty of extra cash, you can get your palm read, your aura photographed, and even your soul fragments realigned.

For a short time, you can enjoy the full range of Urban Paranormal Fantasy without leaving the house. Read what the fuss is about in the Foreword Reviews IndieFab Best Fantasy Book of the Year Finalist THE ARROW.

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Click on the cover to buy now, because goddesses, fairies, demons and witches are fun.

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