From Around the Web: 5 Jobs That Will Make You Better at Writing Paranormal Urban Fantasy

A Paranormal Urban Fantasy writer must have a bottomless imagination for the weird and fantastic, as well as the horrific and terrifying. Here are five real-life career choices that would provide any Paranormal Fantasy writer plenty of fodder for books in the course of a normal work day.


Description: An exorcist is available on-call for the ridding of evil spirits from houses, people, and workplaces. An exorcist is required to know lots of prayers by heart, have the courage to enter scary places, and have mastered the ability to soothe seriously terrified people.

Requirements: A Doctorate of Divinity or a Priesthood, nerves of steel, and a strong stomach.

On the Job: Reverend Tom Willis is a Church of England minister in his eighties who works as a leading exorcist in the UK.o He cleans houses of ghostly specters, and chases miscreant demons from troubled souls, and has no lack of work.

You never know when an Exorcist will come in handy.

Ghost Hunter

Description: Go to houses and other locations that are reported to be haunted, and with various devices designed to detect paranormal activity determine whether or not the reported strange occurrences are caused by ghosts or can be chalked up to much more boring and mundane explanations.

Requirements: Degrees in History, Psychology or Forensics would be helpful, as would ownership of a tape recorder, night vision goggles and holy water.

On the Job:  Sgt. Miguel Lopez works for the LAPD’s gang department in his day job, but spends his free time investigating supposed paranormal disturbances throughout Los Angeles.

This ghost hunter is using a device that detects changes in the Electro Magnetic Field, a sure sign of paranormal presence.

Purveyor of Mystical Merchandise

Description: Run a store dedicated to the sale of items, books and services that put customers in touch with positive supernatural forces with the aim of self-improvement, enlightenment and better success in love.

Requirements: A degree in Business would be a starting point, but knowledge of Numerology, Angelic Energy Healings and massage wouldn’t hurt.

On the Job: East West Bookstore is an online and brick and mortar store that is a center for metaphysical knowledge and gifts for yourself or any other seeker in your life.  Events include Soul Fragment Retrieval, services include Aura Photography, and merchandise includes fair trade artisan work, gem vials and solar diffusers.

If the goddess Kuan Yin had to buy someone a birthday present, she would totally shop at a mystical bookstore.

Fortune Teller

Description: Through intuition and clairvoyance, offer customers guidance in future endeavors, major life choices, and matters of the heart.

Requirements: A degree in Psychology, psychic powers, keen intuition, knowledge of Tarot, Runes and Auras.

On the Job: Jeanne Dixon (1904-1997) was a famous psychic and astrologer who supposedly predicted the deaths by assassination of John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Ghandi, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  She wrote a newspaper column for years and was the author of seven books.

You have to admit this would be a fun job.

Demon Hunting Police Officer

Description: At the scene of crimes or in ongoing crime situations, identify, control and eradicate demonic forces and evil spirits causing mayhem and destruction amongst the populace.

Requirements: Criminal Justice degree, successful completion of the Police Academy, enormous physical strength, and a total disregard for one’s own safety.

On the Job: The movie Deliver Us from Evil was made based on the stories of real-life demon hunting cop Ralph Sarchie. His book Beware the Night details the experiences he has had battling evil spirits in seriously bizarre crimes scenes during his stint as a New York City cop.

Some crime scenes require Demon Hunting Cops and that’s all there is to it.

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