Goddess University: Ostara

I asked my students before Easter Break if they knew how Easter got its name.

Jesus came from the East, they said.

That’s only true to us in the West, I said.  Anyway, why the eggs and bunnies?  What do eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus?

Eggs and bunnies are cute, they said.  Jesus likes cute things.


Well, everybody likes cute things.

But Easter is named after Ostara, a Teutonic goddess of springtime that people used to celebrate during the Spring Equinox. Hares and eggs are signs of fertility, and new and prolific life.

Look for signs of Ostara’s influence in your life in blossoming trees, gifts of flowers, and new ideas. Ostara’s advice for you is to go for the new job prospect or innovative direction. Start that new creative project, and say “yes” to as many invitations as possible. With Ostara’s blessing, new ideas will come to profitable fruition.

Ostara says, the conditions are perfect for a new start, co-creation and beauty. Creation begets creation, and all good things are beginning!

Happy Easter, one and all.

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