Goddess University: Freya

Did you ever wonder how Friday got its name?  Most people’s favorite day of the week is named after an ancient Norse goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex, and death named Freya. She had a vast domain, as you can see.  She also drove a chariot harnessed to two extraordinary cats.

Freya kickin’ it poolside, because why not? She can do anything she wants. She’s a goddess.

One of the stories about Freya tells about the time Loki accuses her of being a promiscuous.  She defends herself and ends up shaming Loki as a pervert with a dirty mind.

Call on Freya when you need the strength to stand up in the face of false accusations, jealousy and small-mindedness. Freya reminds you that life is a complex and beautiful mess, and that you are powerful beyond measure through all of it.

Watch for her presence in the form of feathers that have fallen from her magical feathered cloak, helpful and generous female friends, and particularly gorgeous cats. Freya says that you are amazing and there is nothing you can’t do once you set your mind to it.

Friday is named after Norse goddess Freya, and she is awesome.

What would the incarnation of a powerful goddess do in the face of modern corruption and ancient evil? Click on the cover and find out in THE ARROW (Children of Brigid, Book 1) released by Geminid Press.

THE ARROW is a Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Finalist for this year’s Best Book of the Year Award.

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