The Arrow is an INDIE FAB Best Book of the Year Award Finalist

I am honored to be named a Finalist in this year’s Foreword Review’s INDIE FAB Book of the Year Award.  The Arrow is a novel of my heart, and the great people at Geminid Press LLC worked very hard with me to make it the best story it could possibly be for my readers.

The Arrow is an urban fantasy romance that asks, what would happen if the ancient gods and goddesses had to face modern evil?  What would the Mother of all life do with a corrupt pharmaceutical company?  What if her daughter was sexually obsessed with the son of Dionysus, and joined him in a downward spiral of addictive party drugs and rock star decadence?  What if a surfer biker half-demon with a reformed heart and a gorgeous body fell in love with the goddess he was born and bred to murder?

What if fairy tale creatures were real?

Like I said, The Arrow is a book of my heart. I love sharing it with readers. Thank you, Foreword Reviews for joining me on this magical, sexy, kick-ass journey!

Click on the cover to find out how you deal when you’re a goddess caught in a crazy love triangle between an addictive rock star god and a sexy, half-demon surfer biker who was born to kill you but now lives to protect and love you.

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