Three of Your Worst Nightmares About Paranormal Urban Fantasy Come to Life

One great thing about Paranormal Urban Fantasy is that it’s fiction. Demons and other supernatural creatures are scary enough in books, but at least we don’t have to worry about them coming to life, right?

Right.  Except for. . . .



There are enough puzzling and horrible people in history such as Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory to spurn the legend of vampirism. These were serial killers so violent that they inspired five centuries of tales of supernatural evil.

But what about this study that suggests that old mice injected with the blood of young mice grew stronger, and lived longer? Or this dude from Australia who has fangs and sleeps in a coffin?




Alcatraz Island, the most haunted place I personally have ever been.
Alcatraz Island, the most haunted place I personally have ever been.

There are many accounts through the ages of people encountering ghosts. Anyone who has been to Alcatraz Island, for example, can attest to an unworldly presence lingering amid the crumbling walls of the old prison. For further proof, take this online tour of haunted houses across the U.S.





An innocent, law-abiding aphid infected by an evil fungus that killed it before reanimating the poor thing to lurch around as the undead. This is a real thing.

Sometimes Mother Nature is terrifying. In the insect world, check out these 5 examples of parasitic organisms killing their hosts and bringing them back to life only to do their evil bidding. I have two words for you: Parasitic Hairworm.  What the?! Uncool, Science.  Un. Cool.

Just when you think it’s safe to turn the page, real life turns out once again to be much, much stranger than fiction!

Check out THE ARROW (Children of Brigid Trilogy Book 1) for a Paranormal Urban Fantasy with some characters you wish would come to life (sexy rock star god, anyone?) and ones you hope do not (corporate demons creating addictive viral party drugs).

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