The Most Common Paranormal Urban Fantasy Debate Isn’t as Black and White as You Might Think

What is Paranormal Urban Fantasy—thriller or romance?

Paranormal Urban Fantasy is a genre-busting literary category. The old rules governing romance vs. thriller do not always apply. A reader may expect a novel with a female protagonist to focus on romance—if that reader hasn’t read much Paranormal Urban Fantasy. Romance is important in my novel The Arrow (Children of Brigid Trilogy—Book 1), in fact it’s an old infatuation with her childhood sweetheart that gets Fynn Kildare’s story started. Soon she’s caught in an epic love triangle, caught between a rock star god she’s loved since childhood and a reformed half-demon whose job it is to deliver’s Fynn’s heart in a box to his evil mother.

It’s just that Fynn has a few other challenges in her life besides the decision as to who will get her heart (and hopefully not literally). Her to-do list includes, but is not limited to:

Saving the world from a demonic virus

Finishing her post-Doctorate work in Viral Immunology

Gaining independence from an over-bearing mother

Forging new relationships with formerly estranged family members

Taking a leadership position in her growing commune of survivalist goddess-worshippers (you’ll have to read the book)

Like any contemporary reader, Fynn Kildare has a full life. She cares about love and romance, just as any modern incarnation of an ancient fertility goddess would. Just as the readers of her story do. She’s caught between two very hot guys, both with superhuman powers and amazing abs, and she has to make a choice.

She just has a few other things to accomplish along the way. Starting with saving the world.

arrownew2_(1) (1)
Click on image to buy, because everybody should have a rock star god to protect from a horde of demons fresh from hell.


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