Watch Out: Five Reasons Why Paranormal Urban Fantasy Is Taking Over

As I introduce The Arrow (Children of Brigid Trilogy Book 1) to the world, I realize that paranormal urban fantasy is taking over.

And why shouldn’t it? There are solid reasons why this genre-busting literary genre has readers clamoring for more.

  1. Paranormal Urban Fantasy Reflects Real Life

The Arrow’s female protagonist fights a corporate conspiracy, recovers from a drug addiction, negotiates a dysfunctional family dynamic and falls in love with two guys at the same time. Her challenges are those of any twenty-first century woman. Through Urban Fantasy, we can read about characters dealing with the same issues as the rest of us trying to make it in a cold, hard world.

  1. Paranormal Urban Fantasy Is Way More Fun than Real Life

Yet unlike the real cold, hard world, Paranormal Urban Fantasy is not beholden to the laws of Physics, gravity or man. A muscular surfer half-demon might find his soul. Dionysus’ son might be climbing the Billboard charts with his latest single written about the time he was in love with you in high school. Santa Claus might show up at any moment for a Tarot reading. You just never know.

  1. The Bad Guy Gets a Spectacular Come-Uppance

Corporate conspiracy is not nice. In Paranormal Urban Fantasy a reader doesn’t have to wait around for the courts to mete out justice while the bad guys hide behind their lawyers. In Paranormal Urban Fantasy, there are reformed demon bodyguards, magical bows and arrows, silver bullets and ancient deities to come to the rescue of the little person. And they don’t waste time.

  1. The Special Effects Blow Your Mind

The Law of Physics is a hindrance, really. In Urban Fantasy, maybe storms whip out of thin air, women fly and a shape shifter turns from demon to human and back again. There are no limits!

  1. The Romance Is Out of this World

Fynn Kildare of The Arrow is torn between her long-standing love for the son of a rock star god and an attraction to a hot surfer half-demon bred to kill her. Nobody is meeting for coffee in The Arrow. This is about epic, passion, romance on a Mythological scale.

Wouldn’t it be great if real life worked like that sometimes?

arrownew2_(1) (1)

The Arrow is available today!  




  1. I’m gonna have to wait until I read it before I do a Clothes Story on it, but man, I can’t wait!


  2. I can’t believe it! So awesome to contemplate.


    1. Might have to check your pinterest for inspiration…

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