10 Tattoos

On Goodreads recently, another author asked me to tell something about myself that most people did not know.  It was a hard question to answer even though I love learning about authors that I’ve enjoyed reading.  My favorite authors are the ultimate celebrities to me.  I want to know about their lives, about their influences, about their tattoos.  Did that get weird fast?

The story is all that matters.  But as a reader I eat up author interviews.  I always want to know more about the people who weave the stories that I’ve loved.

So here are my tattoos.  These are things about me that not everyone knows, in case you want to know.

1. One actual tattoo.  A small butterfly on my back that I wouldn’t choose to do now, but which I do not regret. I had my reasons.

2. At one point in my teens I found myself working as a stage bouncer at a Primus concert.  It was my job to intercept people flailing towards the stage and throw them back into the crowd.

3.  My husband was my high school sweetheart. The folks who told me that my love for him was immature and would not last were wrong.

4. Sons of Anarchy is my favorite show of all time and I believe Kurt Sutter is a storytelling genius.

5. I skipped third grade.

6. I was confirmed in the Catholic Church three years ago and I chose Brigid as my confirmation name.

7. I worked for a few years as a highly successful telemarketer.

10411138_10152786676008184_3848377038478666992_n[1] This is me.

8. There is at least one Kate Bush Easter egg in almost all of my published fiction.

9. My first short story publication was in Esopus magazine’s Issue 11. I am inordinately proud of this and find ways to slip this fact into conversation.

10.  I drink maybe three or four alcoholic beverages a year, and never all at the same time.

So there are ten hidden pictures in the overall scene of me.  Little things.  Silly things. The story really is all that matters.

But tattoos are fun too.


  1. Number 2 and number 8 surprised me! I look forward to finding the Easter eggs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura, I lived with you when I did that. It was at the Porter Spring party. 🙂


    1. Amazing. We love telling the kids how Green Day played and no one liked them.

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