The Arrow Is on Its Way

I am excited to reveal that my newest novel has found a home with Geminid Press and will be released in the next few weeks.  The Arrow is an urban fantasy about a reluctant goddess named Fynn Kildare caught between a decadent  affair with a rock star god and her responsibility as a child of the goddess Brigid to save the world from the demon apocalypse.  When a corrupt CEO of a pharmaceutical company sets a plan in motion to infect the world’s population with a virus forged in Hell, Fynn stands to lose her freedom and her family to the forces of evil.  With the help of a sexy surfer half-demon originally bred to kill her, Fynn Kildare wrestles with her Divine destiny with the fate of the entire world at stake.

The Arrow was fun to write. I wrote this story for the pure pleasure of finding out what happens when ancient, Divine creatures are forced to face the potential for evil in modern life.  What would an ancient witch use to gain power in the modern age of biological weaponry and designer party drugs?  What would an ancient goddess use to save lives?

This story has everything. There are surfing maenads/demon hybrids, a rock star god, a coven of bad witches, an old storyteller god, a powerful fertility goddess come to life in the form of a family of three women. It has romance, heartbreak, adventure, magic, Santa Claus.  That’s right, Santa. You have to read it to see where he comes in.

Geminid Press has been a dream to work with and I’m honored to be a Geminid author.  Keep tuned in to this site and my Twitter feed for the release date.  I can’t wait to share The Arrow with readers!


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